This 2 hour program was Custom Made
for Childcare Providers!

Topics covered include:
 Understanding Injuries in the Child Care Setting
 Indoor Safety/Cleanliness Check List
 Regular Safety Checks of Indoor Environment
 Age Appropriate Toys and using a Toy Safety Checklist
 Safety Policies and Behavior Management
 10 Steps to Safer Playgrounds for Children
 Safe Playground Habits
 Falls and Fall Prevention
 Motor Vehicle, Transportation and Pedestrian Safety
 Proper Child Safety Seat Use
 Safety and Field Trips
 Stranger Danger
 Childhood Illnesses That May Require Special Care
 Handwashing and Diapering
 Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens

The goal of the ASHI Injury Prevention Program and Infection Control Program is to reduce the frequency and the severity of injuries in the childcare setting and help childcare workers recognize the signs and symptoms of important childhood illnesses.  Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to conduct regular safety checks, modify the childcare environment to reduce hazards, provide and understand effective methods of visual supervision of children, effectively enforce rules for safe playing activities and adhere to a designated emergency action plan.


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